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Forrest Burnett's Harmonic Oscillator Clock

This is Forrest's Harmonic Oscillator Clock. Are you blown away yet? Drooling? Well, just wait...scroll to the next picture below.

Where does one look first in such an extraordinary art gallery!?!? This is looking at the H.O. from the side-back. I know...breathtaking.

Here's the back and you can get a better view of how the crutch connects to the suspension spring. Yep...mind officially blown.

Forrest used a constant force spring mechanism in the base, below the spheres, which allowed the design to be converted into a tabletop version.

In his interpretation of the Harmonic Oscillator, Forrest illustrates both the versitility of this design and the amazing genius of his artistic abilities. Sorry, no plans for Forrest's interpretation...because mere mortals are not worthy. Sigh...

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