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Galileo's Bicycle

Galileo’s Bicycle is a wooden kinetic sculpture with no function other than making people smile. With its plethora of synchronously moving parts, the Galileo’s Bicycle is the center of attention whenever anyone enters my shop. Almost to a person, the first thing they say is “I want one of those.” (and then they ask if I have kits – which I do not).

This sculpture measures about 32” across and 33” in height, and is extremely easy and straightforward to construct.

The Galileo’s Bicycle has two modes. The mode you see running in my video is Mode #2 which gives more movement to the sculpture, but runs for a shorter time – about a half hour in this case. Mode #1 will run for nearly three times that long, but the movements throughout the sculpture are slightly subdued and truncated. Switching from one mode to the other is quite simple and explained in the instructions that come with the plan.

See "Galileo's Bicycle" in action below on the YouTube video player or by clicking this link: Galileo's Bicycle


Don't miss Jeff-O's Instructables on the building of his Galileo's Bicycle! Lots of very helpful step-by-step instructions, comments and tips.

You can also see other builders' interpretations of my design by visiting my Galileo's Bicycle Flickr pool here: Galileo's Flickr Pool

More Galileo: Adrian Iredale's Galileo's Bicycle and John Hilgenberg's exceptionally beautiful build on the end (around 4:50) of his video of six of my designs: John Hilgenberg's Wood in Motion

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