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"Number Six"

I call this clock "Number Six"

I like the movement of this clock, but I think it would look better dressed in Koa. All of the wheels are approximately eight inches in diameter for symmetry, and the movement of that big escape wheel, in full view, is very eye-catching.

Click on the video player below to see Philip Brutz's Number Six in action, or follow this link: Phillip's Number Six


Do you want to dress up your Number Six a little? Additional optional plans for a tall case, dial ring, three styles of enlarged hands, and an hourly strike mechanism are available for the Number Six Clock. The Tall Case Clock package is a separate optional package for the Number Six, and does not include the plans for the clock itself; clock plans are sold separately. Here is Bob Brown's beautiful Number Six Clock in his Optional Tall Case Package:

Bob's clock in action:


Also, be sure to check out Drew's wonderful YouTube how-to videos on building the Number Six. There are four parts to Drew's excellent tutorial:

Making The #6 Part 1. A Wooden Gear Clock

Making The #6 Part 2. A Wooden Gear Clock

Making The #6 Part 3. A Wooden Gear Clock

Making The #6 Part 4. A Wooden Gear Clock

And if you just can't get enough of this "Number Six" clock, don't miss this Flickr pool of completed Number Sixes by other clocksters: Number Six Pix

Both Number Six Clock plans and Optional Tall Case plans are available in TWO different formats; you may choose either paper or electronic delivery:

The price of the Number Six Clock paper plan delivered by mail is $42.00 plus shipping.  The Optional Tall Case paper plans are $35.00 plus shipping.  If you would like to purchase one or both of the paper plans and receive them by U.S. mail, select one or both of the buttons below:

OR something new:

If you would like to purchase electronic plans in dxf format and receive them via email, you must:

1. Have a CAD program that can read dxf's.

2. Have a valid email address that can receive a 5 MB attachment. Add to your safe senders list so we don't end up in your spam filter.

If you prefer the dxf/email option, you will not receive a paper copy by regular mail. Plans purchased with the dxf option will be delivered to your inbox as an email attachment after payment is received, usually within 24 hours. The price of the Number Six dxf plan delivered via email is $37.00.  The price of the Optional Tall Case dxf plans is $30.  To purchase dxf plans via email, select one or both of the buttons below: Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Boyer Designs.


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