Keiki Hula Wallhanging

Keiki Hula, ©Lisa Boyer, 2013

Here are some fun variations of this pattern:

A three-keiki version...and a two keiki version:

And...for the truly ambitious among you...

Note: above picture for inspiration only. No pattern included for all the above variations.

This is a quilt I made after seeing Happi Park's variation of my Keiki Hula pattern at the North Shore Quilt Show on Kauai. She set her keiki individually with colorful borders and embellished them. With her permission, I copied her clever variation of my pattern. I had fun dressing the keiki in different clothing and hair, and embellishing them with tiny objects. This was a labor of love. Sorry, no pattern available for this one (it would be a hundred pages long)...but if you love paper-piecing and like to fiddle with your own variations, buy my basic pattern and see what you can do. This is what you can accomplish if you have the imagination and patience!

Keiki Hula Pattern

39x18", ©Lisa Boyer, 2013

Paper-pieced keiki hold hands before the hula show. Add all sorts of fun embellishments to customize: buttons, beads, wooden fish, etc.

Special note: this is a foundation paper-piecing pattern. Please make sure you are familiar with the technique, as there are no general instructions for this piecing method enclosed, just the full size pattern for the quilt shown above to be used with your favorite method of foundation paper-piecing.

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