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We are proud to offer Clayton's pdf Book:

"A Practical Guide to Wooden Wheeled Clock Design"

As the title states, this is a practical guide to designing wooden wheeled clocks. In it, I describe my own personal method of designing and building these wonderful mechanisms. There are no plans included in this book, however, if you follow along and draw what is being described, you will end up with your own set of unique clock plans, and along the way learn the various methods of creating your own designs. This book covers calculating tooth counts for various pendulum lengths, how to draw a Graham escape wheel and matching pallets, the two important equations for creating wheel sets, why wheel size matters, how to create a dial train, build a frame, laying out the wheels, finish on your clock, how to get an absolutely perfect adjustment on your clock's bob, even how to add a strike mechanism, with over a hundred pages of information you can use to begin designing your own unique wooden wheeled clocks. The price is $42.00. Now available as an instant pdf download.


Although there are no plans in this book, we cover how to create your own 30 hour clockworks from beginning to end, and explore various ways of creating an 8-day mechanism.As I receive pictures of completed original designs from their makers using principles from my book, I will post them in this Flickr pool:

Original Designs by Clockmakers

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