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The Horologium is my version of one of the earliest types of medieval mechanical clocks - the Verge and Foliot. This simple yet elegant escapement is nearly silent as her adjustable foliot swings gently back and forth. Practically the only sound she makes is the slight ding of her hourly chime. During the build I had named her the "World's Easiest Clock" because there are only two wheels to cut in the whole clock! Her crown wheel is drilled and her hour wheel is a pulley, and the wheels with the teeth are large and easy to cut out. This is a great clock to display your most figured wood because her entire mechanism is completely exposed. And, of course, she fits perfectly into any modern Gothic decor.

.This is her hour pulley. It is operated as the drive weight drops. The hand points to each hour as it passes by.


This is her large minute wheel. It measures 10.25" in diameter making it extremely easy to cut out. The minutes are read inside the circle.



.Above the minute wheel is the crown wheel and foliot. The copper flags catch each pin of the crown wheel causing the foliot to gently sway back and forth. The arms of the foliot are adjustable. Spreading them makes the clock run slower. This elegant design is such a joy to watch.


YouTube video of Adrian Iredale's Horologium here: Adrian's Horologium

YouTube video of John Hilgenberg's Horologium here: John's Horologium (appears at 2:24)

YouTube video Brian Ponath's Horologium here: Brian's Horologium

More Horologium clocks built from my plans here: Horologium Flickr Pool

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