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Marble Strike Clock


What a fun and amazing clock! Above is John Hilgenberg's interpretation of my Marble Strike Clock. He added an acrylic dial ring and metal hands - and a handsome mellowing finish to all the plywood parts, except, as you will note, the wheels.

Here John's beautiful Marble Strike has just sounded 9:00. There are still three marbles in the lower race.

John did a stunningly amazing job on his clock. Here it is with his own special weights and pendulum bob made specifically to clear his wall molding. Brilliant.

John made this wonderful video narrating his beautiful Marble Strike Clock in action on the video player below (but if you'd rather see the video in HD, follow this YouTube link: John's Marble Strike):


Below are some pix of Landon Craddock's Marble Strike, and the clever and artfully done addition he made to his rewind system.


As with John's above, Landon has personalized his clock with wonderful and imaginative improvements, some of which I have incorporated into the Marble Strike plans. Keep in mind that this is only Landon's second wooden clock. Very impressive!

Here Landon's clock is about to strike 2:00. There are ten marbles in the lower rack and two marbles awaiting release in the race above. In the video below you can watch this clock in action. Landon also demonstrates the creative personalizations that he added to his Marble Strike.



Finally, this amazingly beautiful variation is by Alain Saintagne:

And her close-up:


Many thanks to all the guys that have helped bring this wonderful mechanism into being, and for their many suggestions that will help make building the Marble Strike a simpler and more pleasurable experience for future builders. You can see some photos of their completed mechanisms here: Flickr Marble Strike Clock Pool

If you would like to see more Marble Strike clocks in motion, here are some additional videos posted by various clockmakers: YouTube Playlist of Marble Strike Clocks

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