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Medieval Astrological Calendar Clock

Medieval Astronomical Calendar Clock, built by Adrian Iredale

More pictures of Adrian's Clock here

See John Hilgenberg's clock here and Forrest Burnett's clock here

This is the Medieval Astronomical Calendar Clock, a complex and bizarre mechanism that only the most foolhardy should consider constructing.

This mechanism not only tells the time in hours, minute and seconds, but shows the place in the sky and the place in the zodiac of the sun. It shows the place in the zodiac of the moon and the phases of the moon and how many days the moon is into its cycle.

The sun’s face is counterweighted allowing the sun to always have his smiling face correctly oriented. By watching the sun and moon hands one can predict the possibility of a solar or lunar eclipse. The day of the month, month and zodiac signs are read from the base of the sun hand.

This mechanism will run approximately a week on a wind and there is a chime that sounds on the hour.

This has been an amazingly fun project. It was such a massive undertaking that from the beginning. I had three other master craftsmen, Adrian Iredale, John Hilgenberg and Forrest Burnett working independently on this project to help me proof the plans. I cannot thank them all enough for the input and attention to detail that these three world class wooden clock builders have brought to this project. Each of these artists has put a little of themselves into their respective clock. Be sure to click on the links provided above to see their work.

Below is Adrian Iredale's video of his Medieval Astronomical Calendar Clock in motion:

John Hilgenberg's MACC can be seen in motion on the video player below (MACC appears after "Simplicity," around 1:20):



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The MACC is available in dxf format only. You can choose delivery via instant download or by email attachment. The price of the plan is 72.00. Instructions for purchasing this clock plan can be found on this page: Masochist's Corner