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Organic Clock

This is a truly magical design! The Organic is a delightfully fanciful clock. The large balanced pendulum and whimsical curves in the dial and frame give the sculpture fluidity and motion. The crescent to the right of the dial slowly descends as the clock passes the minutes and then raises again about every four minutes to rewind the clock automatically.


You can see Organic in action on the video player below, or click here: Organic on YouTube


In addition to the whimsical organic style, the theme throughout the clock is "broken". I've tried to break open every closed circle giving the sculpture a feeling of openness and allowing the viewer access to more of the clock's internal mechanism.. You will see this first in the large open dial ring. All the wheels have spaces missing between the teeth, and the hands, crescent and pendulum all have an openness to each of their curves.

The Organic can be wall mounted nearly anywhere because there are no long pendulums or dropping weights. The clock instead uses an onboard nine volt battery to operate the remontoir, or as you can see in the example below, the sculpture can be mounted to the organically shaped base to create a tabletop version. Both options are described in the plans.

The beautiful tabletop version of the Organic shown above was created by Bob Brown. The tabletop version can operate using an onboard battery to be completely portable, or by a wall mounted 9VDC power source.

See other builders' interpretations of my Organic design here: Organic Flickr Pool

And there will be some Organics posted on YouTube as they become available: Organic YouTube Playlist

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