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I am very proud and happy to offer you my new pdf book:

Of course, this is the BEST BOOK I'VE EVER SEEN on my technique! Here are some early reviews:

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your ebook My Design Secrets Revealed. I think it should be required reading for anyone starting out making clocks. It is beautifully written and easy to read. I highly recommend it.

"I have waited for years to this book! i have been self taught about horology and clocks from the internet for 3 years now, and i believe that your book is exactly what i need to sum the knowledge so i can design my own clocks.

Thank you for your inspiring work, and for the wonderful book.

"Thank you so much for writing your book! I am enjoying it, and even though some of the info I have seen before, quite a bit is new, or a new way of looking at things. I am impressed.


"Aloha Clayton,

Congratulation to your exiting book ! I read it and I can say it is like a Thriller, exiting, fascinating, enthralling, gripping, ... that is it, what a new woodenclock-maker want to know! Thank You, for this information. - great!



You can purchase my book here: Clayton's Book Page


More Reading
Woodward on Time by Philip Woodward, 1st edition, illustrated, index. Published 2006 by Bill Taylor and the British Horological Institute. 341 pages; Hardcover, 250x195mm. ISBN 978-0-950-96216-3 These are the writings of an absoulutely amazing individual. Lots of physics, but his mechanical clocks are phenomenally imaginative. Brilliant man.