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High Quality Plywood Suppliers:

B&D International

Boulter Plywood

Aircraft Spruce

Brad Point Drill Set--I wish I could point you in the direction of a really good Brad Point Drill set, but I'm only familiar with the low quality Vermont American bits from my local Ace Hardware (one would think they could get the point in line with the shaft of the drill! Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle...). I did pick up a few odd size (9/64, 13/64, etc. at Woodcraft when I was over in Oahu. I'm extremely happy with those High Speed Steel Brad Point Bits, and wish I had gotten a full set of them. Woodcraft has other Brad Point Bits, but the bits I got from inside their store are not listed in Woodcraft's catalog.

Update 1/21/02: I purchased these in December and they are amazingly great: Lee Valley Brad Point Drill Set

The rods and tubes I use are made by K&S Engineering. These may be found in hardware stores and hobby shops. I get mine at my local Ace Hardware store. For a list of all available K&S Engineering metals, click here: Happy Hobby