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Rigid Heddle Tabletop Weaving Loom

One day Lisa said she might like to try weaving. I didn't get interested until she happened to mention that there were actual gears involved. Hey, if it has gears, I'm in! This simple and elegant loom is the result.

After watching only a couple of YouTube videos on tabletop weaving, she dug out some scrap yarn and began creating a basic scarf on her new loom. Shown here is her very first attempt in progress. She was surprised how much faster weaving is than knitting. She loved the loom and told me I should share the plans with other woodworkers.

Plans for this loom include everything you need to get started with weaving: the loom, loom clamps for keeping the loom in place while warping, three different sizes of heddles (for working with different thicknesses of yarn), a warping peg, and three different shuttle designs.

Lisa's first attempt result! This is a basic weave scarf using scrap yarn. Since completing her first project, Lisa has discovered just how many wonderful different kinds of weaving can be done on this tabletop loom. She highly recommends the following book for a beginner. It's a recent book, so it should be available at many booksellers online, or at your local library. PLEASE NOTE: This book is not included with the plans, it is merely a suggested resource. We do not sell this book or receive any compensation for recommending this book. Lisa just likes it!

***Suggested Weaving Book Above is not Included with Plans***

The Rigid Heddle Tabletop Loom would make an excellent Christmas present!

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