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"Wee Willie"

Have you run out of wall space for any more wooden clocks? Here is a delightful and easy-to-build table top clock!

This beautiful little clock was modeled after medieval lantern clocks of the early 1300's. Its quiet movement is simple, yet fascinating to watch.

The slow, relaxing beat makes it a very comfortable clock to be around. Notice that this simple mechanism has only three gears to cut, and would be a perfect venue for solid wood wheels. Wee Willie is a small, easy to build, spring driven, table-top clock that runs a full day on a wind and gently strikes each hour.


Below is Adrian Iredale's beautiful interpretation of the Wee Willie. Click on all the pix below to see if you'd like to incorporate any of his wonderful and creative improvements into your build.

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The color contrasts in the woods he used make Adrian's clock especially beautiful. Adrian went with the two-part "fleur de lis" option for his hand.

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Adrian has also produce an excellent walkthrough of his Wee Willie clock in his video below.


Be sure to check out more Wee Willie Clocks built from my plans here: Wee Willie Flickr Pool


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