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Woodworker's Hygrometer

Have you ever wondered how the ambient humidity is affecting your wooden clock or kinetic sculpture? This beautiful sculpture is the answer. The Woodworker's Hygrometer will tell you at a glance in a most beautiful way.

The picture above was taken on an incredibly dry day when the relative humidity had reached about 9%. The picture below shows the direction of the indicating arm moved after a few days of rain. "High is Dry, and Down is Damp"

The Woodworker's Hygrometer indicates trends rather than giving a minute to minute readout. As the indicating arm moves it demonstrates the effect the weather is having on our wooden clocks and kinetic sculptures.

Since there are no batteries, springs, drive weights or motors, can we call this a Perpetual Motion Machine? You can to your friends!

Here is Jim Wilson's spectacular Woodworker's Hygrometer which is indicating a neutral humidity level as the indicating arm is shown in the center of the chapter arc. Jim has also added a bottle barometer to complete his woodworker's weather station.

See other builders' interpretations of my Hygrometer design here (as they become available): Woodworker's Hygrometer

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