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Attempt Clock


Attempt, built by Jeff Hecht

Attempt is a unique wooden rack and snail striking clock. The rack and snail mechanism allows this clock to count the hours as it strikes; one strike for one o'clock, two strikes for two o'clock, etc.

I originally named it "Attempt" because I had never seen a rack and snail made of wood. When something has not been done before there is usually a very good reason. doesn't work! We were happy to find that this clock performs flawlessly, and counts the hours as well as any brass mechanism.

This clock is designed to run for a week on a wind and has a unique 1.25 second beat which gives it a leisurely, calming rhythm. This clock must really be seen in action to be appreciated.

Below is Jeff Hecht's video of his Attempt in motion. At 45 seconds into the video you will hear what is called the Warning. At 1:11 the rack drops onto the snail. At 2:00 the clock begins striking eleven o'clock, followed again by its calming tick.


Below is a side view of the strike side of the mechanism showing the lantern pinions Jeff used throughout. The unique time side is on the right side of this clock. The large escape wheel of the time side can be seen behind the fan near the back frame.


The hammer, ready to strike the bell tube, can be seen in the lower left of this picture


Below, a close up of the face shows the rack and snail and the related release mechanism. Here the clock has just struck one o'clock:


Since Attempt sits on a shelf, she could easily be fitted into a free standing tall case. Bob Brown's Attempt is shown in a tall case in his video below:


The plans for the tall case are available upon request when you purchase plans for Attempt.

Here's a close-up of a beautiful-sounding Attempt by Jeffrey Park:


More Attempt photos here: Attempt Flickr Pool

and some Attempts in motion here: Attempt YouTube Playlist


Attempt is available in dxf and pdf formats. The price is $72.00. To order a set of plans for Attempt you must email me a picture of a successfully completed wooden clock of MY design, and I will send you a secret link to my secure ordering site for Attempt. See warning on previous page.