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Upsy Clock


Here's a little novelty clock in which the bob is the clockworks. Unlike a regular pendulum clock, this upside down clock moves very little from side to side. She has a full swing of about 3/16" and is very interesting to watch as she swings a little and wiggles a little and then swings some more in the other direction. She has a 5400 beats per hour mechanism, and is quite a delight to watch.

Upsy is a solid wood clockworks. Her gears, and the dark band on her face are made of rescued Eucalyptus robusta, the same wood as the Torsion Tree Clock above. The rest of her framework is made of Juniper - also rescued from a neighbor's campfire. Her hands can be synchronously set by turning the Intermediate wheel. The Intermediate wheel is the one with the ring of metal pins, visible inside her framework to the upper left. Upsy is spring driven, and yet, keeps remarkably good time.

My good friend Adrian Iredale's Upsy can be seen in motion on the video player below, or click here: Upsy



Here are some more Upsy clocks built from my plans: Upsy Flickr Pool

Upsy is available in two formats. The price of the plan in dxf format delivered via email attachment is $37.00. The price of the plan in paper format delivered by U.S. Mail is $42.00 plus shipping. To order a set of plans for Upsy, email me a picture of a successfully completed wooden clock of MY design, and I will send you a secret link to my secure ordering site for the Upsy. See warning on previous page.