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Yarn Lover's Package

"Yarn Lover's Package" includes woodworking plans for ballwinder (includes both belt drive AND gear-driven options), plus free plans for a yarn swift, shown below.

Ball Winder, the belt-driven option. This little workhorse makes short work of winding a skein of yarn into a nice center-pull ball. The yarn skein is loaded on the swift shown below and threaded onto the ballwinder, then wound into a yarn cake. Fun to watch them working together. Lots of motion. Kind of a kinetic art show with a purpose. Here is the gear-driven option:


Ball Winder from above. Notice the nice crosswound center-pull "cake" it makes. This is worsted weight yarn.


Different weights of yarn "cakes" are shown at right, from fingering to bulky weight. They call them cakes because they aren't shaped like balls-- they are round on the sides, but flattened on top like a layer cake. The flat spot helps the ball sit flat on the floor as the thread is pulled from the middle. Yarn cakes stay put instead of rolling around while they're being used.


The Swift, loaded with a skein that's ready to be wound into a cake. Watch the swift and belt driven ballwinder:



And here's a video of the gear-driven model at work:


To see other views of "Yarn Lover's Package," as well as others' items built from my plans, click here: Yarn Lover's Package Flickr Pool

Yarn Lover's Package plans are available in THREE different formats. Please choose only one option:

New! Instant Auto-Download

The auto-download contains BOTH pdf and dxf plans for Yarn Lover's Package:

Hand builders will use the pdf file.

Electronic builders will use the complete dxf and the dxf cutting files.

You do not need a Paypal account to purchase this plan--just use the "pay with credit or debit" option when you get the payment page. The price of the auto-download plan is $37.00:



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dxf Format delivered via eMail

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If you prefer the dxf/email option, you will not receive a paper copy by regular mail. Plans purchased with the dxf option will be delivered to your inbox as an email attachment after payment is received, usually within 24 hours. The price of the dxf plan delivered via email is $37.00. To purchase dxf plans via email for Yarn Lover's Package, click below:

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